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June 2018- Style Selections- Summer Sale Edition


As I am writing this post, summer hasn't even officially begun, yet spring/summer merchandise is already being marked down across the market in all stores and online.  Every year the seasonal calendar for retail shopping gets more and more skewed with the summer months (July/August),  offering fall/winter merchandise amidst the climbing outside temperatures of 100 degrees and above in some parts of the country (Ahem... the South).  Who feels like shopping for cashmere in August?!  Stores continue this trend even into the winter months offering "cruise collections" in December and January for those of us fortunate enough to travel to warmer climates to spend the winter season.  If only we were all so fortunate.

Why do retailers do this?  Stores are more than willing to do this because it allows them to make more money.  After all, capitalism is what this beautiful country was founded on.  Stores now have the ability to sell merchandise for all four seasons as opposed to the two seasons shown at fashion week twice a year.  Stores need this to stay afloat under the immense pressure felt by online retailers who can offer all seasons of merchandise at any time and produce new collections as fast as one can blink (just look at retailers such as Zara and H&M).  While this may seem foolish to some, it is actually the best news a shopper can hear!  Just think about it, the present season's merchandise is now being offered at a big discount early on in the season allowing the public to benefit from cheaper prices for the most coveted and trend-setting pieces!  So in June when the outside temperatures are just beginning to climb and you begin daydreaming about your upcoming vacation to the beach, you can save big on the newest two-piece you just spotted at Nordstroms and with the money you are saving from that purchase, you can even afford that adorable new Marc Jacobs cover-up to go along with it.  Therefore, without further ado, here are some of my favorite summer sale pieces...even before the Summer season has officially started!  Enjoy!

1) Warm Ditte Blouse- $244.80 (was $408.00) 

2) Madewell Rigid Straight Leg Crop Jean: Tall Cuff Edition -$49.99 (was $115.00) 

3) Sigerson Morrison Wedges- $206.50 (was $295.00) 

4) Sea Jacques Dress- $297.00 (was $495.00) 

5) Rejina Pyo Belted Pocket Skirt -$222.80 (was $557.00) 

6) Marc Jacobs Cowl Neck Dress- $477.00 (was $795.00) 

7) See by Chloe Gladiator Sandals -$276.50 (was $395.00) 

8) Marianna Senchina A-line Dress- $381.00 (was $635.00) 

9) Gorjana Palisades Drop Hoop Earrings -$54.00 (was $90.00) 

10) Galvan London Sierra Top- $357.00 (was $ 595.00)